Participant one

We, the wardrobe hackers would like to create a replica of your ‘perfect item’- your little black dress.

In return we would like you to start wearing some of the pieces in your wardrobe that you love and make you really happy on a daily basis (even just as a trial for a week).  

You have such a creative, fun wardrobe that resonates so well with your interests but it is currently not being fully utisied due in part to the shift in your life with motherhood. We want you to reconciling both aspects of your life- the creative and the practical, which we feel, will allow you to shine!

You could start to wear some items such as the Emma suit as separates and look to incorporate your print dresses on a regular basis.

We believe if you wear the outfit the occasion will come, but more importantly that everyday is an important occasion to enjoy and be amplified by the clothing you love!

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  Participant two

We, the wardrobe hackers, have decided that we could all learn a lot from your approach to clothes/fashion!! You are truly inspirational!

We would like you write a short article about your system/approach to fashion that we can include in our website to share with others.

We love how you see the potential in everything- a square of fabric takes on new meaning in your hands as you layer and build outfits with an ease and fluidity that is commendable and sadly rare it seems.

You seem to truly enjoy the relationship that you have with your wardrobe and apply a process that seamlessly blends a mix of spontaneity, discipline and patience. You buy ahead, and anticipate events, ultimately combining the elements to create an inspiring outfit.

Your wardrobe grows with you in a positive way. We want you to share this with the world!

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  Participant three

We, the wardrobe hackers would like to propose an exchange of services. We would like you offer you the following: 

Based on what we know of your style/approach to clothes, we could offer to change the skirt and top that you no longer wear in order to breathe some life into them.  

In return we would like you to 'turn your critical eye' (as you described at the Hack) to your wardrobe.   We would love to see how you develop this further as we think so many people could learn from your approach to dressing and your system/approach to fashion.

The way you create 'outfits' is very interesting, as are the parameters you ‘self impose’ on your dress code. You never really go too casual or formal which enables subtle degrees of change and a minimal wardrobe. We found your 'hunt' approach to shopping very interesting, as is your 'mindful' approach to dressing/shopping, which would be really illuminating to share with others.

We found your rich philosophical and intellectual connection with clothing to be very interesting- we would love to hear more about this- in your words?

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  Participant four

We were very entertained by the visit to your wardrobe. It was obvious the care and time you have put into collecting and cherishing many of the garments contained within your wardrobe.

We are however curious about how you compartmentalise your ‘work’ and ‘play’ outfits and do not allow these worlds to mix? It seems you use clothing and adornment as definition of a social role (Roach& Eicher,1979).

You have a lot of practical pieces in your wardrobe that get a lot of wear at work but which you brushed quickly over in the wardrobe visit. It was quite the reverse with your more theatrical pieces that you take great pride in but which are relegated for home use only.

We are curious about what it would be like for you if you mixed it up and spread the ‘fun’ and ‘wear’ load across your wardrobe? Could you extend yourself to satisfy your self-actualisation needs, related to expression of personal creativity on a regular basis based on the ‘hierarchy of needs” (Maslow, 1954).

Would this allow you to fully embrace all aspects of your personality, leading to a more consolidated sense of self? If you embrace your playful nature and enliven the routines of life, might it lead to more enjoyment of dressing/clothing on a daily basis? And possibly a more heightened interaction with others?

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  Participant five

You are in a bit of a conundrum as you say that fashion doesn’t fit into your life (stage 1), that you hate clothes shopping; yet you have one of the biggest if not THE biggest wardrobe that we visited!

There is an apparent disconnect between you and your wardrobe as you focused on showing us your favourite garments (a lot unworn, with tags on) but didn’t show us your practical items that you wear more frequently.

It is obvious you derive pleasure from these garments and made some great choices in what you purchased– we just want to encourage you to wear them and embrace all these aspects of your personality. We would like if you could try utilising your entire wardrobe and document your ideas and thoughts.

The long coat gives you an air of drama, sophistication and power that we feel you would enjoy and could enhance your daily life. The shoes could give you an attitude that you might relish. Embrace all the possible images you can project from the palette of your wardrobe! Have fun with your wardrobe and let it truly serve you!

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